Weekly Horoscope from 23rd July 2023 to 31st July 2023


Aries: Favorable time is already going on for Aries people, this situation will remain till 27th evening.Completion of stalled work will increase happiness.Progress in work business will increase respect.In these days,you should make full use of the time.Life partner's work business will increase.But abdominal pain may increase.But from Thursday evening, unknown fear may arise in the mind.There will be some restlessness during this time. Be careful while traveling. A situation of anger can arise if work is not done on time.Complete the necessary tasks with patience.This situation will remain till Sunday. Recite Mangal Kavach and worship Hanuman ji. would benefit.

Taurus: For Taurus people, most of the week will be spent in fulfilling family responsibilities.You have to take care of your health and that of your family members.There will be apprehension in the mind towards future actions.Keep the important work on hold till Tuesday morning.Your journey will be busy.There will be a need to pay attention to food and health.Because time will be slightly unfavorable.From the afternoon of 25th onwards till Saturday, your time is starting favorable and according to your mind.The mind will be happy after getting good news related to important works.Use the time properly and complete the necessary work. Because from Sunday the time will show little adverse effect.Worship Maa DurgaWhat do you say-your planets-24 to 30 July 2023.Welcome to all of you in this programme of weekly horoscope. First let's see the transit of planets this week.Sun in Cancer.Moon in Virgo.In Libra from 11.12 am on 25th.On 27th evening from 7.28  in Scorpio.On 29th night from 11.34 in Sagittarius.Mars in Leo.Mercury in Cancer, in Leo from 4.38 am on 25th.Jupiter in Aries.Venus in Leo.Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra.So let's know how this week will be for your zodiac sign.

Gemini: The time of the people of this zodiac will show some adverse effects from the first day itself.The concern of honor and reputation will increase.Spend the time till the evening of 27th patiently.Stay away from heavy food.Stay healthy by doing yoga etc Be amidst nature. Don't let the situation of tension happen.If you want to invest, do it wisely.There can also be loss in the work done more cleverly.Be careful about your health too.Unknown fear can arise in the mind. Have some patience.The time from Thursday evening to Sunday will be better for you. Overall,the mind will be happy. Honor and reputation will increase. Old matters will be resolved. There will be time for success in work business.Recite Ganapati Atharvashirsha for benefits.

Cancer: Time will be mixed for Cancerians.The time till Tuesday forenoon will be better for you. Will be stress free and will meet nice people. Overall, the mind will be happy.There will also be an increase in business.Your influence will also increase with your responsibilities. During this time you would like to do something new.Pay attention to the health of family members from Tuesday afternoon to Saturday. Be careful while traveling keeping the weather in mind.Coordination with people will be necessary.Control passion and anger.During this time some restlessness may increase.Unknown fear about the future will remain in the mind.Time will be favorable on Sunday.There will be profit in travel and you will get good news.Family atmosphere will be pleasant.Worship Lord Shiva for benefits.

Leo: The time of the week will be mixed for the people of Leo zodiac sign.The time till Tuesday forenoon can be of some troubles. Maintain good behavior with people, as well as it will be necessary to take care of the weather in food and drink.After this i.e. between the afternoon of Tuesday to the evening of 27th, there is progress for the employed and businessmen.Circumstances are in your favor, so make good use of it.There will be better opportunities for employed people.Reputation will increase.And happiness will increase.But from Thursday evening to Sunday be a little careful about your health as well.Restlessness may increase.Abdominal pain may increase.Avoid investing more, there may be loss. Worship Sun God and Lord Vishnu for benefits.

Virgo: The week will be mixed for the people of Virgo. Time till Tuesday forenoon will give you rest.Plans related to auspicious works will be made in the family.Time will be good. During this time your respect will increase.Interest in work will increase and there will be friendship with new people.People associated with politics will get benefits.Luck will be with you by divine grace, so make good use of the time and complete the pending tasks.After this i.e. there will be a slight increase in expenditure between Tuesday afternoon to 27th evening. The mind will remain sad. Be careful while traveling.Maintain sweetness in conversation and behavior.From the evening of 27 to 29, there will be an increase in prestige and the mind will be happy.In the meanwhile,complete the stalled tasks.Time is going to be busy from Sunday.Be in good shape.Abdominal disease may increase.Offer durva to Lord Ganesha and recite Ganapati Atharvashirsha,would benefit.

Libra: Most of the week will be mixed.The time from the first day to Tuesday forenoon will be slightly opposite,spend your money wisely.Pay attention to health.There may be pain in the feet.Be careful while traveling.Tuesday afternoon to 27th evening will be the best day. Will spend time with family and feel better.Meanwhile, old problems will go away and profits will also start coming.Small investment can be profitable.Wherever you work, there will be full cooperation of the people.It will be necessary for you to maintain good behavior and have a healthy diet during the time between Thursday evening and Saturday.Time from Sunday will be better in many ways. Overall, the mind will be happy. Reputation will increase.Worship Maa Lakshmi on Friday and offer kheer as prasad.

Scorpio: The people of Scorpio zodiac should complete important tasks in a planned manner by Tuesday forenoon,keeping control over laziness and anger.Because this is a good time for you.Can start new work. Which will be favorable for you.Contact with people from outside will also increase.Be careful in long journey and spending money between 25 afternoon to 27 evening. Have food on time. Meanwhile, a lot of hard work may also have to be done for success. But after 27th evening till Saturday time will be better for you. Happiness will increase if the family environment is pleasant.According to the weather on Sunday, good food will be appropriate.Stay away from unpleasant situations and confrontations.Worship Hanuman ji for benefits.

Sagittarius: You are having a good time from day one. This will continue till the evening of 27th.Do not do important work in haste.During this time will be good for you.Job profession and businessmen will get prestige in work business.Friends will also benefit.A new work can be planned.Will meet nice and friendly people.But after this i.e. from the evening of 27th to Saturday,take some precautions while traveling. Despite hard work,stress will increase if the work is not done on time.So patience will be necessary.Time is starting to be favorable from Sunday, which will be good in many ways. Time will be spent among family members.Worshiping Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.

Capricorn: The initial part of the week will be full of hard work for the natives of this zodiac.Conditions are not very favorable for you till Tuesday forenoon. Don't be in a hurry in new work.Be careful while traveling.Pay attention to health.Stay away from confusion, anger and irritability.The whole time from Tuesday afternoon to Saturday is favorable to the mind, along with family happiness, there will also be favorable growth in work business.Interaction with people will increase.There will be financial benefit as well.Good use of time will be necessary.This means that the expenditure of money will increase from Sunday.Be careful while traveling.Doubt will remain in the mind.Worshiping Lord Shiva will be beneficial for you.

Aquarius: For Aquarius people, the daily routine will have to be balanced from the first day to the evening of the 27th.Circumstances can remain in your favor only with more effort. Money will be spent more. Be careful in investing.Time will show little adverse effect.Pay attention to health.If needed,take support of yoga and spirituality.Caution will be necessary in expenses during the journey.Avoid anger and confusion. Do the necessary work with patience.Your time will be favorable from Thursday evening onwards.Family obligations will be fulfilled. Your respect will also increase.There will be desired profit in work business.The mind will be happy when the old stalled work is completed.Worship Lord Shiva.

Pisces: Time is running favorable for the people of Pisces. The time of profit will be till Tuesday forenoon.During this,business or employed people should maintain faith in the employees. You will also be successful on the strength of your hard work and personality. Avoid excessive sentimentality. Money can be spent in the means of happiness. External contacts will be beneficial and favorable. By divine grace, auspicious works will be planned in the family. Be patient before trusting anyone too much between the afternoon of 25th to Saturday . There can also be a change of location. Doubt will remain in the mind regarding the success of the work.Pay attention to the health of the spouse. Be careful in doing necessary things.Time will be slightly unfavorable.After this, your favorable time is starting from Sunday. This work will prove beneficial in business. Reputation will increase. Make good use of the time. Worshiping Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.
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