Karnataka Budget 2023 By CM Siddaramaiah

On July 7, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presented his 14th Budget. CM Siddaramaiah increased taxes on Indian-made liquor and the guideline value of immovable properties to mobilize resources for the implementation of the Congress's five assurances while making room for other development undertakings. He stated that approximately Rs 52,000 crore would be spent annually to implement the Congress party's five core election promises.

  1. Five poll pledges from Congress will cost 52,000 crore annually.
  2. Speaking about the NEP during his budget speech, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah declared: "The federal system of government is incompatible with the National Education Policy (NEP) enacted by the Union Government. It has a number of abnormalities that threaten the democracy and the Constitution. A country with a diverse population of religions, languages, and cultures like India does not benefit from a uniform education system. A new education strategy will be developed with the state's regional, social, cultural, and economic context in mind. The new strategy will raise the state's higher education standards to the international standard and give our students the tools they need to compete on a global scale and find fulfilling work prospects.
  3. Siddaramaiah, the chief minister of Karnataka, stated at the budget presentation in the state assembly that the government will give each household an additional financial aid of Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 per month through the five poll assurances outlined in the Congress party's manifesto. 
  4. Karnataka CM Siddaramiah has earmarked 30,000 crore towards the construction of BMRCL's Namma Metro project in an effort to alleviate Bengaluru's traffic problem. A total of Rs 8,409 billion has also been promised by the chief minister for the entire development of Bengaluru.
  5. The additional excise duty on Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) will increase by 20% across all 18 slabs, according to the Karnataka government. The levy on beer will rise from 175 percent to 185 percent, according to CM Siddaramaiah.
  6. According to the Karnataka government, women's and children's development would receive Rs 24,166, or almost 7% of the budget, while education will receive 37,587 crore, or almost 11% of the budget for education.
  7. Christian Development Corporation would be established by the Karnataka government at a cost of 100 crore per year.
  8. The Karnataka government has announced that all e-commerce delivery staff employed by Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, and other companies will receive life and accident insurance of Rs 4 lakh. 
  9. For the development of the Kalyana Karnataka (Hyderabad-Karnataka) region, Siddaramaiah approved a budget of 75 crore.
  10. A unique fund established in honour of Appu Puneeth Rajkumar was launched by Siddaramaiah. All district hospitals will receive a Rs 6 Crore grant to install automated external defibrillators.
  11. As more women visitors travel, all of Karnataka's tourist spots will have their basic infrastructure renovated as part of the Shakti Scheme.
  12. For the years 2023–2024, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah increases the Commercial Tax Department's revenue collection aim. The updated goal has been set at Rs 1,01,000 crore. The previous budget, delivered by Basavaraj Bommai, the chief minister at the time, set a fixed goal of Rs 84,000 crore. The department collected Rs 1,000,000 crore in income for the fiscal year 2022–2023.
  13. Siddaramaiah, the chief minister, has set aside 100 crore rupees for the upkeep, refurbishment, and repair of Indira canteens around the State.
  14. Common counselling will be held for all Ph.D. seats at government universities and 40% of seats at private institutions to provide consistency in the process of filling Ph.D. seats across all State universities.
  15. For the total development of tourism attractions in the Kalyana Karnataka Region, including Hampi, Mailara, Ganagapura, Sannati, and the forts of Malakheda, Bidar, Raichur, and Kalaburgi, the State government would contribute 75 crore.
  16. There will be steps taken to combine all higher education department scholarship programmes into a single scholarship programme. Ten good governance indicators have been developed to encourage good governance at public universities, and institutions that perform admirably will receive incentives of 50 lakh apiece.
  17. The APMC Amendment Act in the State has been withdrawn, according to CM Siddaramaiah. The APMC Act's cancellation had been demanded by members of various agricultural organisations. Additionally, he stated that Section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act would be changed to allow individuals to self-declare the conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural uses.

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